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Posted on 21 Jun 2013 at 2:20pm

Patrick Manyozo is a producer making a name for himself in Malawi. Known to many artists by the name Tricky Beats, the young 22 year old is proving that he is one person the industry should not take lightly. In an era where, ‘bedroom producers’ have become a norm, Tricky Beatz is proving that professionalism is the key to his growing catalog and awesome production.

Having produced for the likes of well known artists like Armstrong, Tanaposi and DNA, Tricky Beatz has also lent his production skills to a number of projects for upcoming artists like the group TNT and rapper/singer Murphy.

Tricky Beatz Malawi

Tricky Beatz

Malawi Live caught up with the producer for an interview, read below to get the scoop:

Malawi Live: How did you start producing? And where did the name Tricky Beats come from?

Tricky Beatz: I started banging beats on my desk back in high school, and that’s what motivated me to start production. As for my name tricky beats, my friends call me tricky and I just so happen to make beats.

 Malawi Live: What type of Music do you produce?

Tricky Beatz: I produce any type of music, I am not focused on one genre, I like any type of music.

Malawi Live: What makes you different from other Malawian producers? How would You describe your production sound?

Tricky Beatz: I am not a selective person, I am not picky when it comes to choosing the people I want top work with. Working with different people helps me improve my production even more. As for my sound, it’s really hard to describe it because I usually fuse fuse multiple genres of music. I guess my sound is just a fusion. A fusion of different elements.

 Malawi Live: Which artists have you worked with in the industry? Any memorable moments?

Tricky Beatz: The list is long. Some of the artists I have worked with include Armstrong, DNA , Tanaposi, Emlase, Michael Angello, Heptic, Sean B, Andy Musiq, Crash, Emotions, GD , Marcus, Murphy, Skinnah B, EJR, Kellz Kritic and the list goes on. Every moment is memorable to me because I enjoy working with these artists

 Malawi Live: As a producer, what would you advise artists to do when it comes to making music, how should they approach their Music?

Tricky Beatz: I always tell artists to write something that is exciting and something simple that every listener can relate to.I tell artists to focus on what is hot at the moment, that is, if they want to be famous and make money at the same time.

Malawi Live: What are some of the important lessons you have learned as a producer, anything you want to share?

Tricky Beatz: If you are a producer, learn to make friends with other producers because there might be some other areas that you might be facing difficulties with and the other producers may help you out.

 Malawi Live: You have produced for a number of upcoming artists in Malawi, who do you think is the next big artist in Malawi? Who should we look out for?

Tricky Beatz: To me, Mabuchi will be the next big artist in Malawi, without a doubt.

Malawi Live: What do you think should be done to Improve the Music industry in Malawi?

Tricky Beatz: Malawians need to be original, we should have our own musical feel and we should stick to that. Copying other countries’ Musical feel won’t benefit us in any way.

Thank you for your time, we hope to hear more of your music in future!


Interview by Molowere Gwembere


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