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By MANA-Online
Posted on 03 Nov 2013 at 4:19pm

students will learn among others, irrigation system

students will learn among others, irrigation system

Four female and 28 male students (32 in total) from Bunda College of Agriculture and the Natural Resources College are said to have left the country for Israel to do studies in intensive training for a period of 11 months from mid-October 2013 to end-August 2014.

According to a press statement from thePresidential Initiative on Poverty and Hunger Reduction (PIPaHR) said the students left the country on Monday, October 28.

While in Israel the 32 students will pursue 13 courses within the livestock and crop production components at Agro-studies Centre throughout the 11 months training period.

“The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the Malawi Government’s objective of reducing poverty and hunger through sustainable agricultural water management and irrigation development.

“Specifically, the project will enhance capacity of staff and farmers in drip irrigation development and management; increase and improve smallholder farmers’ food and incomes through increased production of horticultural crops and other high value for regional and international markets,” states the statement.

The students, who were selected following a competitive process are;

  1. Natural Resources College
No First Name Surname Gender
1 Hope Mukhondya Male
2 Henry Sanjani Male
3 Mirriam Chikaipa Female
4 Mark Damiton Male
5 Ken Kanjobvu Male
6 Raphael Kasiririka Male
7 Martin Kunyenje Male
8 Fraser Ndoliro Male
9 Clement Mkupe Male
10 John Msachi Male
11 Sunganani Magalasi Male
12 Chimwemwe Mateyu Male
13 Mustafa Kazembe Male
14 Hope Marilo Male
15 Mathews Masikini Male
16 Sheperd Mlelemba Male
  1. Bunda Campus
No First Name Surname Gender
1 Person Sakwi Male
2 Stewart Chauluka Male
3 Khwima Mukhala Female
4 Peter Chimangeni Male
5 Kareem Longwe Male
6 Arnold Ben Male
7 Chikondi Mlera Male
8 Cidrick Kasinga Male
9 Khumbo Moyo Male
10 Crispin Ekonia Male
11 Noel Chanza Male
12 Kalvin Msauka Male
13 Ernest Meki Male
14 Adon Phiri Male
15 Clara Nachinga Female
16 Felista Chulu Female

Furthermore the statement indicates that this is a three year Advanced Agro Technology for Sustainable Development Project with 80 percent funding from the Government of Israel and 20 percent financial contribution from the Government of Malawi.

Reads part of the statement: “The project is being implemented in Phases I, II & III. Phase I involves capacity building of relevant professionals from Ministries of Agriculture, Irrigation and Youth and Sports while Phase II will target lead farmers and Phase III will involve development of drip irrigation sites for larger farmer groups.”

It further says that Advanced Agro Technology for Sustainable Development Project has two major components which include Drip Irrigation Developmentwhichinvolves development of drip irrigation schemes and Capacity Building Componentwhich involves conducting2 weeks 4-6 times trainings per year in Malawi, 3 weeks study scholarships in Israel and 11 months training for 32 students in Israel.

“About 15 pilot districts have been selected for the project and these are Zomba, Mangochi, Nkhata-Bay, Dedza, Lilongwe, Mchinji, Mzimba, Chikhwawa, Blantyre, Karonga, Kasungu, Nkhota-kota, Mulanje, Neno and Ntcheu. The project will be extended to other districts depending on the success of the 15 pilot districts,” says the press statement.

So far Implementation of the Project started in June 2013 and so far it has already constructed demonstration sites at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Bunda Campus, Natural Resources College, Nathenje RTC in Lilongwe, Dedza RTC, Nkhande RTC in Ntcheu, Namiasi RTC in Mangochi, Zomba RTC, Lunzu RTC in Blantyre, Neno Youth Centre, Chinese Technical Garden and construction of Drip Irrigation Site at Nadzipulu Scheme is underway at Senior Chief Kachindamoto in Dedza District.

Mary Makhiringa