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By MANA-Online
Posted on 11 Nov 2013 at 3:26pm

chakwera mcpMalawi Congress Party (MCP) President, Lazarous Chakwera, who will also be the party’s torch bearer in 2014 tripartite elections, has revealed that he will contest for the position of member of parliament in Lilongwe north west constituency.

Chakwera made the revelation on Saturday when he, alongside his wife went to register for the next year’s elections at Malembo Primary school in the area of traditional authority Khongoni in Lilongwe district.

Asked if he was harbouring any plans of running as a parliamentarian after his registration, Chakwera said he will
stand on his party’s ticket as a member of parliament for the area. stand as a member of parliament, this is my horned that was Chakwera’s quick response and hastened to point out that he will have to follow required process of the party primaries which he observed will be held soon.

He said as someone who believes in democracy he will respect the wishes of the people who will vote and he will stand for whatever decision will be made during the voting in the primaries.

*l am a democrat at heart and I will respect the results because I already won the vote to be the party’s president in the forthcoming elections and it would not hurt me if people say we would want somebody else to stand in this constituency, I will respect that. I respect people’s choices because this about what people want; he said.

Chakwera parried away any fears of any elements of favouritism considering his position as the party’s president saying that as a party they will try to do anything possible, so that they do not saw any seeds of divisions among its membership

“If you saw what happened at the convention, after the race and there is one winner everyone else comes together and supports that winner This is what we must respect when people make choices let us go along with those choices.

“Let us have a spirit that accepts that if you have not won then it was not your chance that time. We want to win together as a party and not divide our votes and not beginning to think within the party that you have a constituency of your own,* he said.

During the visit to the area Chakwera had several stop overs in some areas where he briefly addressed the people including a visit to a tobacco nursery at a farmer’s irrigation scheme where he encouraged farmers to work hard in the field to help shape the country’s economy and also creating their own wealth. In the afternoon, together with other members of the executive committee, Chakwera addressed a rally at Mdika primary school ground in Dowa west.

By Brian Itai