Malawi: Chiefs Want Liquor Sachets Banned0 Comments

By MANA-Online
Posted on 03 Nov 2013 at 4:45pm

malawi-sachets liquorTraditional Chiefs in the country have asked Government to ban sachet liquor beer which they argue is contributing to a number of problems facing the youth in the country.

The chiefs also claim that because sachets are cheap and easily accessed, many youth have lost focus in life and involved in immoral behavior.

Paramount Lundu told Malawi News Agency that chiefs feel it necessary for government to take action and ban production and selling of sachets if the country is to have a bright future and productive citizens.

“To be honest with you, these liquor sachets are killing the future of this country. Many youth because they can easily access sachets have lost concentration and are no longer willing to go to school.

“As chiefs of this country and custodians of culture, we would like to request government to take on board our plea and enforce ban on sachets,” explained Lundu adding that the

sachets have also played a negative role in diluting the culture of many tribes of the country.

Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani V, one of the youthful chiefs of the country said he feels sorry to see boys and girls of her age failing to further their education because of addiction to alcohol.

This, according to Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani is sad and if not attended to, could promote to an increased number of school dropouts and making the country a drunkard nation.

“We are ready to work with government in implementing the ban and ensure that no dealer is found selling sachets around communities and that no child is found drunk during and after school,” the Chief explained.

He added, “We will also set by-laws in our communities to force parents to send their children to school and also make sure that their children are not among the drunkards.”

Senior Chief Kachindamoto of Dedza said because men lose concentration when they are drunk, they easily commit cases such of rape and defilement.

“Girls are also not left out when it comes to drinking beer but we have noted that in the end they are the victims. Those who drink and the ones who do not take alcohol are in one way victimized by men,” she explained.

Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare, Clara Makungwa said her ministry was too concerned and would do everything possible to address the situation.

“As a ministry, we are aware of the numerous problems that have come as a result of sachets and let me sound it clear that we will work together with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs on how best we can solve this issue out.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Fahhad Assan could not be reached to comment and neither was the Public Relations Officer for the Ministry, Apoche Itimu.

Production and selling of liquor sachets has been an issue of concern in the country for many years. Looking at the dangers associated with this, government in 2011 increased surtax on companies producing sachets with an aim of making the product inaccessible by the youth.

However over the period, it has been observed that many Malawian children can still afford to buy the commodity.