People on ARVs prevent transmission by 96 per cent – UNAIDS0 Comments

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Posted on 01 Dec 2013 at 4:41am

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UNAIDS says research has shown that people who are on Anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment have lesser chances of transmitting the virus to their unprotected partners by 96 per cent.

Speaking at a press conference in readiness for the commemoration of World AIDS Day in Kasungu, UNAIDS Country Coordinator for Malawi Amakobe Sande said so far there have been great progress in the fight against HIV.

According to Sande new science has proved that the world is getting closer to an HIV free generation as research has shown that people on treatment have very low chances of transmitting the virus.

“Yes, it is possible to get to zero new infections, zero AIDS related deaths and zero stigma and discrimination.

“There has been so much progress in the fight against HIV and as of now research has shown that treatment is also prevention,” she said.

She then challenged people to go for HIV testing so that when they know their status, they speed up getting ARV treatment to prevent spreading the virus to others.

“If you go for testing early, you know your status early and you get treatment early, the chances of passing on the virus to your partner is reduced by 96 per cent, so we are encouraging people to go and get tested so that if they have the virus they should not transmit it to others.” she said.

However, Executive Director for Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organisation (MANASO) Lawrence Khonyongwa advised people to refrain from immoral behaviour to prevent catching the virus.

“We welcome the news on the new development in the HIV fight however, people must not take chances as the research has indicated, the chances are reduced by 96 per cent meaning that chances of infection are still there although slim,” he said.

He added: “It is the same as circumcision, and the use of condoms people must not become excited and sleep around because they hope that they will not catch or spread the disease,” he added.

Both Sande and Khonyongwa applauded great strides that Malawi has made in the fight against the pandemic and attributed the success to Government’s commitment.