President Banda pardons over 200 Malawi prisoners0 Comments

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Posted on 25 Dec 2012 at 1:32pm
A malawian Prisonner. @2005

A Malawian Prisonner. @2005

According to a statement available from the presidency, the prisoners who have been pardoned are those who have served at least half of their prison sentences in Malawi and were of good conduct as inmates.

“The prisoners are those who have shown good behaviour over the years they have been serving and were not convicted of serious offences” the statement said.

Every year, the head of state pardons prisoners either during Christmas, New Year or independence.

President Banda has pledged to improve the conditions of Malawian prisons which are estimated to exceed their capacity by 200 percent, making them one of the most overcrowded facilities in southern Africa.

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