Malawi government to distribute 2 million fuel efficient stoves to poorer in society by 20200 Comments

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Posted on 11 Jan 2013 at 6:38am
Women making fuel efficient stoves in Goma - East Congo

Women making fuel efficient stoves in Goma

In partnership with Irish Aid and the United States, Malawi will produce and distribute two million stoves by 2020 to some of its poorest households.

Speaking during the distribution ceremony in the southern district of Balaka, President Banda said the stoves have many benefits which can enhance the lives of the poorest people both directly and indirectly.

“Using the stoves, cooking takes less wood which in turn eases pressure on deforestation and lessens the burden on women and children who spend many hours gathering fuel wood” she added.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Energy, over 90 percent of the energy in Malawi counts on wood and charcoal, a development which has greatly increased deforestation and greenhouse emissions.

She said the clean stoves will therefore mitigate such emissions and at the same time reduce deforestation.

Former Irish President, Mary Robinson said the clean stove initiative will greatly help poor Malawian women from gathering firewood in the forest.

“This will reduce time and resources spent looking for firewood” she said adding that inhalation of smoke from cooking which is the cause of over 2 million premature deaths worldwide, including 13,000 annually in Malawi, most of them women and young children will no longer be a threat.

She therefore pledged her government’s support in the campaign to achieve the goal of producing and distributing the stoves to poor Malawians.

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