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Posted on 29 Jan 2013 at 6:41pm

Richard Hopkins is currently a student at Mohawk College in Canada taking Financial Services.

He finished school in April and, at this time, will be starting his career as a Financial Advisor in the Hamilton and surrounding area!

Students at Mohawk College and, in particular, the fourth semester students of the Financial Services Program, have partnered together with The Rotary Club of Hamilton to put together this exciting charity project!

The Malawi Project is a grass-roots effort working alongside Malawians to bring about more self-reliance, a better life, an improved healthcare system, a stronger educational outreach, an enhanced agricultural output and a stronger base of Christian accomplishment.

The Project does not own, manage or control the programs in Malawi. On the Malawi side its members work directly with Malawi organizations to carry out the work. This is unique among agencies. The Malawians oversee the project and suggest the course of action to reach their goals.

The Project owns no cars, offices or buildings in either Malawi or America. It has no paid staff. Everyone associated with the Project is a volunteer. Board members raise their own travel funds from outside the Project, and most office expenses are donated by members of the Board. This means donated funds go directly to the work itself, and not to salaries, buildings, cars and offices suites.

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