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Posted on 01 Feb 2013 at 10:12pm

There will be a group of medical doctors/surgeons from an international organisation called ConnectMed who will be operating on children/adults with cleft palates from 18th to 23rd February 2013 IN LILONGWE.
The service will be free, including food and accommodation for one guardian per patient.
You can play a part in giving someone a smile Open-mouthed smileback by identifying them and registering them by calling 0997-813-869
Transport for those from outside Lilongwe will be refunded and the Ministry of Health is aware of this programme.

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Some excerpts from the document received on our desk it’s written:

ConnectMed International is partnering with African Bible College Community (ABCC) Clinic,  the Medical Council of Malawi, and the Malawi Ministry of Health (MOH) to help children and adults in Malawi suffering from cleft lip and palate.  They would like develop a Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment and Educational Center at the ABCC Clinic in Lilongwe for the long-term multidisciplinary  treatment of patients with cleft lip and palate.  A ConnectMed International team of expert surgeons,  anesthesiologists, family doctors, dentists, speech therapists, nurses, public health, and telemedicine  experts would initiate the Center by hosting a week of free surgery and treatment of patients with cleft  lip and palate in February 18 to 23, 2013 at the ABCC Clinic.

Integral to the development of this Center will be the creation of a national database for all patients with cleft lip and palate.  ConnectMed International will provide the necessary funds for patient care, travel, educational conferences, and logistics.

Concurrent to the surgical trip they will host a Continuing Medical Education Conference at the ABCC Clinic
and invite all members of Malawi’s medical community including Professors from the University Of
Malawi School Of Medicine (Dr. Eric Borgstein Professor of Pediatric Surgery) who have already agreed to

Contact Information and persons at ABC Community Clinic:
Email address:
Malla Kawale (HR and Communications Manager) : Phone: 0888 733 810
Jeremy Kyser (Business Manager) : Phone: 0888 211 103


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