Malawi president, Dr Joyce Banda creates a facebook page2 Comments

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Posted on 25 Mar 2013 at 9:17am

The president of Malawi, Mrs Joyce Banda (Dr), have created a facebook page to interact with Malawians and friends of Malawi.

While some have been reluctant to believe that the page is genuine, a good number of people still think it’s a “fake one”, there is a message on the page stating that it is an official page. It could be a very big disappointment to her many followers who are acting already like real fans with thousands of posts congratulating and encouraging her on the move.

joyce banda on facebook

The message on the page states: “I the President of Republic of Malawi, Dr Joyce Banda , have joined the Facebook community so I can interact with you my friends and everyone who passionately cares about Malawi on how we can develop our nation to make it a better place for everyone.

Please like this official page and share the updates with a friend, thank you very much for your support . God bless Malawi.”

A MalawiLive reporter who is monitoring the turn the page is taking noticed that it clocked more than 5000 likes (fans) in less than 24 hours, as we are writing this the page has got 6250 likes.

We hope that the people of Malawi are going to take this opportunity to interact with their leader in a way that it advances the cause of Malawian people, for development, education and national cohesion.

Here is the link to Dr Joyce Banda facebook pages/Her-Excellency-Dr-Joyce-Banda/325799237543309

While many world leaders have been using facebook for a long time, the most active African president on the popular social website is Paul Kagame of Rwanda with 44.000 likes plus, he also encourage the citizen of his country to be using these tools intelligently, almost all the ministries and public services in Rwanda have official facebook pages.

Many people have been asking why the president, Dr Joyce Banda was not on the most influential social media, facebook and twitter, there we have one down, one more to go, Twitter.

MalawiLive facebook page which has got more than 12.000 likes can be found here pages/Malawi/142637722425104