With a private jet at the airport, Madonna queued with other passengers in Malawi0 Comments

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Posted on 19 Apr 2013 at 10:16pm

Africa has left itself wide open with glaring sores to the eyes, for celebrities to bandage. When one is drowning in poverty and gross mismanagement, any extended hand of support provided is better than nothing at all! It is not the African elite who suffer due to lack of an elite girl’s school or a functional maternity ward- their own children are whisked away to the best schools and hospitals money can buy to give birth!
There are many African nations – who are truly appreciative of such celebrity meddling in their dysfunctional service delivery to the poor, indeed the poor among Africans welcome these super stars who make personal sacrifices out of their busy schedules to come to places where squitos and many other dangers loom, to embrace humanity at it’s core!

Madonna arriving at Heathrow airport in London with her Malawian children - April 2011

Madonna arriving at Heathrow airport in London with her Malawian children – April 2011

Look , they could go to their own backyards where they are revered and make a mighty difference – but they choose to go to places where their help makes the most impact! The Malawian leadership are kidding themselves punishing a gifted horse!
Angelina Jolie and Madonna, are American celebrities – superstars who never go in the same queue as ordinary folks due to their celebrity status, even in the USA – they are ambassadors of good will and hope and any misguided position of mistreatment taken by those envious hosts is cause for alarm and ought to be rebuked!
Imagine Oprah being mistreated in South Africa, after her heavy investment in young ladies there-let us recognize these superstars for what they are, not ordinary folks – and if they are investing big dollars in any of these poor countries – in return a VIP courtesy call ought to be arranged as a token of appreciation.

By Tendo Kaluma, a Ugandan in Boston.