Pictures of Madonna with David and Mercy in Malawi – 2013

Photos were posted on 19 Apr 2013 at 10:35pm

Modonna has just visited Malawi with her two adopted children, we have some nice pictures of them visiting one of many schools she supports.


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  1. Kwisi

    Trust me this girl Madonna, has been the only girl  i loved, and would’nt mind to live with her in great outskirts of Tanzania, I wouldnt care NOTHING about her age. Keep doing what you doing babe, one day i will kiss  you pretty girl.

  2. Mike

    Thats marvelous Madona, keep that spirit of helping the needy kids not only here in Malawi even to other developing countries in Africa, may the Almighty God guide you in all ur undertakings. Thank u God bless u.

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