Why some people chase miracles?2 Comments

By Henry Mkumbira Phiri
Posted on 19 Feb 2016 at 4:43pm

The Dissector: Why some people chase miracles?

It is a certitude that every single human requires the three basic needs of food, shelter and clothes for life continuity and longevity. Inspite of the above, study reveals that man is never contented with those fundamental needs, but would start fighting for extras ‘wants’. He would desire to be esteemed, recognised, idolised and praised as pictured in a hierarchy of needs of an American psychologist Abraham Maslow predicated on fulfilling innate human necessities in priority. But the borne of contention becomes in the technique on how those extras or supplements are achieved.

Following through a number of articles published in various papers, I have realised that there are more surveillances or eavesdrops on churches that have ventured into mainstream miracle production, and that are enormously growing and have built themselves as man’s kernel of attraction because of miracles. History shows that every human being would love to appreciate their lives metamorphosing. Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability but comes through continuous struggle and so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless you are bent. Martin Luther King Jr. For above the reason of adoring the creator, people go to different religious conclaves to have the entirety of their households change nethertheless unless otherwise. Therefore, there isn’t any dubiety that this motive of hunting for change and microwave answers make others strategise on launching deviating ways of bailing themselves out and miracle working churches become one of those targets.

Now considering that we have such people in churches, I would suggest that additionally to the homily of salvation, which is the pukka intent of why we have prayer convocations, the church needs to act as an aqueduct linking people and their diverse needs. I mean whilst we keep on reminding the people that our main tenet is to see God either in heaven or on earth or in space depending on the type of religion we follow; everybody expects their churches to apprise them of what they become whilst awaiting the next life phenomenon. I had a talk with one of the junior staff at a government ministry and dazed by his revelations on why they steal from government confers and told me openly that they are not more villainous than the rest of us but that life’s needs and actuals are greater than monthly wages and if they have an eye on stationery and other accessories, the items develop legs instantly and walk to their homes ready for the next user. He gave me a sample of simple arithmetic and say you have K40,000 as your salary which supports your rent K10,000, food K20,000, school fees K10,000 utility bills K5,000 among others. Then sees your total bills coming to K60,000 from an income of K40,000. Then how do think will you net off the short fall? Imagining that you have tried all efforts to obtain a credit facility from agencies and the process just embarrassed you because the hollow cheeked and scraggy cash inflow on the bank statement renders you ineligible to access funds. What do you expect the people to do? Honestly, if religious symposiums are not able to tackle these issues in their homilies then something else is not working. The final result is that you will have sheep like in church who are rapacious and ferocious beings outside for they would want to have their issues addressed willy nilly. Sometimes when people seem to be silent, doesn’t constitute the unavailability of mountains surrounding them, but the remoteness of those who might bring the solution. Whilst I personally condone the habit of embezzling cash and items from government confers or elsewhere, I advocate for the voices of the people and their pleas to be heard as well. Seriously, if we wait for government only to address these issues then that will encourage the malpractice stands firmly and we all know that which ever administration comes into play, the story remains the same. Am not sure whether these politicians come from the same breed as their actions have attested to be quiet similar. They are good orators than doers. John C Maxwell said the difference between doers and dreamers is commitment. Most politicians have better dreams in their manifestos and do the opposite when in power.

Additionally, there is no dubiety to say that for the purpose of searching solutions, people have gone as far as involving themselves in occult practices and others have become fearsome thugs ransacking people’s lives and properties in search for better lives and fulfilling their evil habits and desires. And at the same time others have resorted to go into churches that they fancy will turn around their tables. Whether the churches are godly or not its none of their business as what matters most is meeting the point of their needs. While others look for help as a permanent solution, others look for the same just to keep their riches increased at a supersonic speed and ultimately ending up plundering huge amounts of money that we now call cash gate.

This becomes undisputable rationale of why there has been a mushrooming and parading of men of God called prophets taking advantage of the present situation. Whether they come from God or just mimicking one another, we don’t know since we don’t have the final gauge to measure their credentials. And they claim to be the genuine apparatuses purveying the lasting solutions invoking the name of God whilst at the same time benefiting from the same members under the rubric of a “tit for tat is a fair play”. If you travel through any township and never hear the name Prophet, then you are on lake Malawi fishing or swimming. Because prophets have even been launched and inaugurated in travelling buses and minibuses. Frankly speaking, if these people are smashing and plummeting the muddles of people, even if we brand them liars, none of the members will attend to us for what people need are instant miracles of their harrowing, nerve racking and sporadic situations and marriages. It won’t be nonplussing to see their churches ballooned and glutted with people from all walks of like so long as they are able to proffer the desires of man. “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it” Charles Swindon writer. Martin Luther King Jr said “people don’t die suddenly, but begin to die the day they start neglecting issues that matter. We are yet to see more people coming into prayer citadels for help than elsewhere if that is the real venue where miracles of their lives happen. Even if told to enter the chapels naked and eat snakes, they won’t mind so long as that is the process to loosen them from their scorching and searing situations. People these days have become more of miracle and gold chasers than God chasers. But you never know that in the same way others meet the true God. And if we resort to stop them from this action, then we have to lecture them on the alternative of the same or we might find ourselves breaking their rights of worship and association

Author, Henry Mkumbira Phiri. Dublin Ireland, Student DIT University, BA Civil Eng. Email: hmkumbira@gmail.comAuthor: Henry Mkumbira Phiri.Dublin Ireland, Student DIT University, BA Civil Eng. Email: hmkumbira@gmail.com