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Rebuilding Rwanda from ashes to flashes

Posted on 19 Sep 2016 at 10:34am

Between April and July 1994, Rwanda was burning and blood was flowing. It remains one of the worst tragedies in Africa in which 1 million people were killed in 100 days. From the ashes, Kigali now flashes. CLIFTON KAWANGA recently visited Rwanda and he writes.

The Kigali International Convention Centre (KICC) is a symbol of Rwanda’s rise from the ashes; the KICC glows at night illuminating the changes that are taking place. During daytime, the KICC…

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Is the African intellectual lazy? Read the story and decide

Posted on 23 Apr 2013 at 12:32am

You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum!

by Field Ruwe

“It’s amazing how you all sit there and watch yourselves die,” the man next to me said. “Get up and do something about it.”

Brawny, fully bald-headed, with intense, steely eyes, he was as cold as they come. When I first discovered I was going to spend my New Year’s Eve next to him on a non-stop JetBlue flight from Los Angeles to Boston I was angst-ridden. I associate marble-shaven Caucasians with iconoclastic skin-heads, most of who are racist.

“My name is Walter,” he extended his hand as soon as I settled in my seat.


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