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President Joyce Banda said to have been “unaware” of the press release about Madonna “bullying” row.

Posted on 12 Apr 2013 at 7:04pm

The skirmish between Madonna and the Malawian government has taken yet another turn with the country’s President reportedly “incandescent with anger” over a statement released by her own office harshly criticising the American singer.

Sources described as “well-placed” told the BBC that President Joyce Banda was unaware of the statement released on Wednesday which accused Madonna of “bullying state officials” and chaining Malawi to “an obligation of gratitude”.

Madonna, who visited the country last week with her children, including her two  adopted Malawian-born kids David and Mercy James, both 8, to see schools built by her charitable donations, hit back at the criticisms calling them “lies”.

President Banda was reportedly in the…

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